The Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Regeneration System

The Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Regeneration System has the Filtertherm® Oven (in silver or yellow), the Filtertherm® Inspection Table and the Filtertherm® Cooling Cart. This system is designed not only to be robust, but to simplify the flow of the DPF cleaning process and expedite multiple DPF cleanings. Click the image or the link below to find out more.


Other DPF Cleaning Equipment like FSX and the Donaldson Pulse Machine

Filtertherm® is proud to offer a full line of DPF cleaning equipment and training. In addition to our Filtertherm®, we carry the FSX TrapBlaster™, the Pulse machine by Donaldson, blow out boxes, flow boxes, scales and more. Click the image or the link below to find out more.


The Filtertherm® has features unique to any kiln or oven in the industry – it was custom-made specifically for the DPF industry.

The Filtertherm® has the industry’s first “smart touchscreen”, which allows the user to quickly and safely select the appropriate settings for the DPF type(s). Multiple DPFs can be cleaned at once, increasing your shop’s efficiency. Some of the key features of the “smart touchscreen” include:

  • Autoselects correct temperature profile
    for single or multiple filters

  • Employee Pass Codes Lock Out
    Untrained Users

  • Manufacturer-Approved Temperature
    Profiles with Safe & Effective Ramp Rates

  • Pre-Programmed for all DPF Substrates

  • Temperature-Controlled Auto Door Lock

  • On-Screen Operator’s Manual & Training Aids

  • Multiple Sizes & Power Options Available

  • Auto Shutoff for Over-Temp Conditions

  • Powder-Coated for Durability

  • High-Voltage Plug & Receptacle Included