Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Regeneration Oven

Like most in the industry, we used a variety of kilns over the years for our baking cycles; finding them lacking. Thus was born the Filtertherm® DPF Oven. Unlike other “kilns” in the industry, our oven is specifically designed for DPF cleaning. It is made with Cool-Touch Technology, which makes the outside of the unit safe to touch while baking. The design is packaged for shop application and can accommodate multiple DPFs cleaning at once.

Our Smart-Touchscreen controls takes the guess work out of DPF cleaning with pre-programmed settings for OEM and Aftermarket filters. Plus the Filtertherm® Oven comes standard with settings like temp-controlled door lock, auto shutoff for over-temp conditions and the employee pass code locks out untrained users.

Also, it’s built to UL specifications and proudly made in the United States.

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Filtertherm® DPF Inspection Table

The Filtertherm® Inspection Table is a flow station, weighing station and inspection station, all-in-one. It was created to streamline and improve the efficiency and accuracy of the flow test, inspection, wire test and weight steps of the DPF cleaning process. This table makes it possible to conduct the tests at an ergonomical height and allows for a more intuitive flow to the cleaning steps, which increases efficiency and accuracy. It is a robust compliment to the The Filtertherm® Oven.

The Filtertherm® Inspection Table requires a pressurized, clean air source of 90psi, a 120V AC power receptacle, and a dust collection system. The inspection table, when bought as a package, comes equipped with a HEPA Dust Collection System and filter adapter rings. The pressure display, scale head and blowout video monitor allow you to determine the flow reading, weight and to inspect the soot and ash content of the filter, respectively. The user can also conduct a wire test and follow the DES 8-Step DPF Cleaning Process.

Filtertherm® Cooling Cart

The DPF cleaning process can quickly become time consuming, with the typical time between pulling, cleaning and reinstalling a clean filter is about 24 hours. The Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Regeneration System is specifically designed to streamline this process and reduce valuable downtime. Hot filters increase downtime waiting for them to cool; thus the Filtertherm® DPF Cooling Cart was born. Our cooling cart decreases the cooling time by 2 - 4 hours (depending on environment), allowing your shop to decrease downtime and increase productivity.

The Filtertherm® DPF Cooling Cart is designed to cool hot filters before and after the cleaning process, is simple to operate and is an efficient compliment to the rest of the Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Regeneration System.

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Oven Specs

Inside Capacity Oven Width Oven Depth Oven Height Oven Weight
Specifications 24.5 Cubic Feet 63.5" 48.5" 70.5" 1800 Lbs

Power Options

Model Volts Kilowatts Amps
Gen2 3-Phase 208 10.4 29
Gen2 3-Phase 230 12.7 32
Gen2 3-Phase 240 13.8 34


Make Model Dimensions (d x h) Loaded Filters
CDTI SC-23 11.25"x14" 8
Caterpillar C13/C15 13.8"x24" 5
Cummins ISL 13.3"x12" 8