The Evolution of DPF Cleaning

Since the introduction of Diesel Particulate Filter Systems, there has been a need for DPF cleaning solutions.  Everything from steam cleaning to shaking a DPF has been tried in an attempt to shortcut the cleaning process.  These are perfect examples of what NOT to do. While most O.E. do not require thermal oven regeneration as part of their filter's service interval; history has proven de-ashing alone will not deliver consistent results when cleaning your DPFs.

All leading after-market manufacturers require a backing cycle in addition to de-ashing to properly clean their systems.  The de-ash/bake/de-ash method is the most widely accepted method for cleaning DPFs in the industry. These product below are perfect compliments to the Filtertherm® DPF Oven, The Filtertherm® Inspection Table and the The Filtertherm® Cooling Table.


Other DPF Cleaning Equipment

The Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Regeneration System was created to streamline and improve the efficiency and accuracy of the DPF cleaning process. But top-of-the-line DPF cleaning systems are expensive; thus we created the Heavy Duty Blowout Box and the Heavy Duty Flow Box as a good lower-cost solution for the blow and flow cleaning processes.

Donaldson Pulse Machine

The Donaldson Pulse Machine offers a two-stage approach for the routine cleaning and regeneration of filter-based mufflers. The Donaldson Gen2 DPF Pulse Cleaner removes accumulated ash and particulate matter using a high-velocity, low-pressure air pulse.

FSX TrapBlaster

The FSX TrapBlaster™ uses a patented "air knife" scanning technology on both ends of the filter, where each cell of the filter has air pressure applied to it, providing a more effective ash removal and is considered to be the leader in the industry for de-ashing.

Which one is right for you?

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