The Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Regeneration System was developed out of the need for a more cost-effective solution to DPF Cleaning

Filtertherm® is manufactured by Diesel Emissions Service (DES) of Redding, CA.  DES began in 2007 as a division of North State Truck Equipment, Inc. to service the heavy duty diesel market, focusing on emissions reduction.  Since then, DES has grown to include locations in Sacramento, San Leandro, Ontario, Portland, OR and Vancouver, BC.  Each location offers a wide array of services to meet the needs of our customers.

Dissatisfied with the industry standard DPF cleaning ovens which are basically modified pottery kilns, DES was inspired to design a more advanced system to properly clean DPFs.  Our goal: to create a more technically advanced, more efficient oven able to hold a larger quantity of filters at once.  Thus, the Filtertherm® was created and quickly advanced to the Gen2 model currently available.  With its Smart Touchscreen and advanced safety features, the Filtertherm® is far more advanced than any kiln out there.

The Filtertherm® Smart Touchscreen really is unique to the market. Not only does it contain full training documentation and user manual onboard, but it also takes the guess work out of choosing the right settings. With many of the industry's most popular models of filters pre-programmed in, the technician simply chooses the type of filter(s) and all the settings for that filter or set of filters is programmed in. And unlike a normal or modified kiln, our Filtertherm® has Cool Touch technology. So no matter what point in the baking cycle it is, the outside of the unit stays cool to the touch.  

The Filtertherm® has features unique to any kiln or oven in the industry - it was
custom-made specifically for the DPF industry

The Industry’s First “Smart Touchscreen”

Autoselects correct temperature profile
for single or multiple filters

Employee Pass Codes Lock Out
Untrained Users

Manufacturer-Approved Temperature
Profiles with Safe & Effective Ramp Rates

Pre-Programmed for all DPF Substrates

Temperature-Controlled Auto Door Lock

On-Screen Operator's Manual & Training Aids

Multiple Sizes & Power Options Available

Auto Shutoff for Over-Temp Conditions

Powder-Coated for Durability

High-Voltage Plug & Receptacle Included