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Take CONTROL of your DPF Cleaning and save TIME & MONEY on aftertreatment maintenance.

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Aftertreatment maintenance doesn’t have to be so costly and out of control.

Do you find yourself thinking…

  • I’m tired of waiting so long to get my clean filters back as trucks sit idle.
  • I wish we had less downtime from aftertreatment-related issues.
  • When we outsource DPF cleaning the results are often unpredictable, and inconsistent.
  • I’m concerned it will take a long time to recover the investment of cleaning DPFs in-house.
  • There has got to be a better way to track a DPF’s cleaning history.

If so, you’re in good company. Read on…

It’s simple to get started cleaning your own DPFs.

1. Explore & Get Answers

Check out the DPF Cleaning equipment lineup. Then talk with a real person & get answers.

2. Choose your system

Compare & contrast the DPF cleaning systems  & use our custom ROI Tool for fleets.

3. Place your order

Each piece of DPF cleaning equipment is built to order right here in the USA.

4. Set up your equipment

We can help you with installation questions & equipment training. Start Cleaning your DPFs!

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What makes Filtertherm DPF cleaning machines a great value for fleets?

We know fleets need equipment they can depend on. Operational efficiency, safety, and flexibility are key.
We also recognize you want more control over aftertreatment maintenance costs, quality, and timing.

With the right Filtertherm DPF cleaning system, you can take back the power and realize a positive ROI faster than you might think. Call 1-888-792-2922

The Case for Cleaning your DPFs in house.

Unscheduled downtime due to emission system issues can be costly! This is a huge headache for today’s fleets. Proactive DPF cleaning is a step in the right direction, but for today’s busy, overworked fleets who can down a truck for several days to clean a filter? Plus, can you tell how well the unit was cleaned, and what was the process used? How long will it take? Will I be behind a long line of my competitor’s filters? Will they just try to sell me an expensive new unit?

Why not take control of the process and bring the job in-house?  A DPF Cleaning System can pay for itself very quickly, especially if you have 50 to 100 or more trucks. With a Filtertherm Aqueous System, you can clean a DPF in the time it takes to drain and replace your oil.  The Filtertherm Thermal system takes a bit longer, overnight, but still hours or days ahead of sending the filters out. You can take back control of the process.  Clean your fleet’s filters when you want, how you want.

Filtertherm is the solution for your emissions servicing challenges. We offer robust, US-made equipment designed specifically for one job; to clean DPFs. First, choose the right system for your fleet. After delivery, get training for your techs and implement our shop-proven process for cleaning filters. Proper, repeatable cleaning procedures ensure optimal, like-new performance. We also offer a customizable DPF Service Tracking software tool, called FilterTrak, to make your life even easier.

Take control of your emissions systems. Talk to a Filtertherm representative today!

Made in the USA - Filtertherm DPF Cleaning machines

Designed and Built in the USA

Designed and Built in the USA

Filtertherm – the new standard for DPF Cleaning.

Filtertherm DPF Cleaning Machines are time-tested, refined, & built rugged. They offer top-of-the-line value & ultimate freedom for fleets. They are already used in operations of all sizes across North America and worldwide.


We’ve been cleaning DPFs for a long time. Each machine & system we design is based on our experience cleaning thousands of DPFs & feedback from our technicians & customers.


We engineer these machines to be strong, durable, focused, and efficient. We innovate and improve with each iteration. We don’t cut corners.

Built in the USA

Each and every machine is built right here in the USA. – by US workers. We believe in supporting our local economy. We’re a hometown, family-owned and operated business chasing the American dream

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