Filtertherm® 8-Step DPF Cleaning Process Overview


DES has developed what we consider to be THE industry standard - the Filtertherm® 8-Step DPF Cleaning Process. While there is no official  industry standard, we believe our process is the most comprehensive available, ensuring that you get the same results, every time! Filtertherm® trains DPF shops like yours how to clean a DPF filter for optimum results.

Cleaning Process Step 1 - Inspection & Documentation

Inspection & Documentation

Cleaning Process Step 2 - Wire Test & Weight

Wire Test & Weight

Cleaning Process Step 3 - Flow & De-Ash

Flow & De-Ash

Cleaning Process Step 4 - Bake


Cleaning Process Step 5 - De-Ash


Cleaning Process Step 6 - Flow


Cleaning Process Step 7 - Wire Test & Weight

Wire Test & Weight

Cleaning Process Step 8 - Inspection & Documentation

Inspection & Documentation

Why do DPFs need to be cleaned?

A DPF (diesel particulate filter) filter is designed to catch & oxidize soot (unburned fuel/lube oil) and turn it into ash. The ash is pushed to the bottom of the filter and stored there. Over time it builds up and requires cleaning. With the cost of some new DPFs soaring to over $12,000, routine maintenance is key in all aspects of the DPF. Being proactive in your service intervals will decrease downtime, service expenses and increase proper system operation and profit. Thus, it’s important to regularly clean and maintain your filters, not only to preserve the functionality of the filter but to save on fuel and protect your engine.

OEM Regeneration

In a perfect world, OEM Filters perform their regeneration cycles on the truck. But we don’t live in a perfect world. Excessive idling, cold & severe duty cycles, even a broken exhaust pipe can inhibit regeneration on the truck. Most O.E. do not require thermal oven regeneration as part of their filter's service interval; but history has proven de-ashing alone will not deliver consistent results when cleaning your DPFs. Also, all leading after-market manufacturers require a backing cycle in addition to de-ashing to properly clean their systems.


Why Trust Filtertherm®?

DES, makers of the Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Regeneration System, has cleaned thousands of filters. Our experience has not only given us valuable insight into best practices and cleaning systems, but we have developed our own. Our experience has convinced us; to deliver the same results with a DPF cleaning every time, we MUST bake. A closer look in to our cleaning process reveals why.

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Why FILTERtrak™ ?

FILTERtrak™ is the  Diesel Market's Premier DPF Service Tracking Application. DES saw the need in California for an efficient way to track DPF cleanings to meet the state's strict CARB standards. FILTERtrak™ stores pictures, vehicle information, filter information, cleaning records and more. It is now offered across the United States and Canada and is completely scalable. From the largest DPF cleaning facilities to one-man shops, Filtertrak™ is a must-have tool for anyone in the DPF Cleaning business!


Filtertherm® DPF Cleaning Training

Filtertherm® is proud to offer a comprehensive training program for DPF cleaning. Backed by years of experience in the DPF industry, our training courses are unmatched within the market.  Whether you’re a new aspiring technician or a seasoned vet, all technicians will benefit from these courses.  From proper DPF cleaning procedures to common safety practices, our training will keep your technicians up to date on the industry’s current knowledge and development.

This is just an overview of the extensive DPF Cleaning Process we've developed. We offer training and documentation for DPF cleaning shops just like yours. Fill out the form if you're already a Filtertherm® customer. Not a customer yet? You can still call us today at 1-888-792-2922 to find out more about our training.