About Filtertherm®

Excellence in design and performance.

The History of Filtertherm®

The Filtertherm® brand is manufactured by Diesel Emissions Service (DES) of Redding, CA. DES began in 2007 as a division of North State Truck Equipment, Inc. to service the heavy-duty diesel market, focusing on emissions reduction.  DES has DPF cleaning locations in Redding, Sacramento, Portland, OR, and Vancouver, BC.

After years of real shop experience cleaning DPFs, it became obvious that the industry’s modified “pottery kilns” fell way short when it came to the baking stage of cleaning filters. The Filtertherm® DPF Thermal Oven was created to address this need, taking the guesswork out of DPF baking with its Smart Touchscreen – which contains full training documentation and user manual, and comes with pre-programmed settings for most common industry DPFs. Every other Filtertherm® product since has been engineered to work seamlessly with the oven and help streamline the entire DPF cleaning process for high volume shops.

Redline Emissions Products

And now, in an exciting new partnership with Redline Emissions Products®, the Filtertherm® family of products are now available for approved resellers. Redline Emissions Products® has a nationwide dealer network that is rapidly growing in the U.S., and expanding to Canada and Australia. Visit Redline Emissions Products® online for more details.