Having the right DPF Cleaning Equipment for your fleet is just the beginning.

You don’t need to “reinvent the wheel”

The key element is using the correct cleaning process. Establishing and following a process with each filter is the best way to ensure consistent, predictable results for your fleet.

Without this, you’re at the mercy of external DPF cleaning facilities. You can either hope for the best or have a rock-solid confidence in your own in-house cleaning operation. Your choice.

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The Filtertherm® team has spent nearly 15 years cleaning tens of thousands of filters. We’ve fine-tuned and tested the process in our own DPF Cleaning facilities.

We are happy to share this knowledge with you and can even provide training for your technicians.

Why Clean your own DPFs?

A DPF (diesel particulate filter) is designed to catch & oxidize soot (unburned fuel/lube oil) and turn it into ash. The ash is pushed to the bottom of the filter and stored there. Over time it builds up and requires cleaning. With the cost of some new DPFs soaring to over $12,000, routine maintenance is key.

Filtertherm Logo - DPF Cleaning Machines and Systems

Being proactive & in control of your fleet service intervals can drastically decrease downtime and service expenses. At the same time increasing operational efficiency and profit. Thus, it’s important to regularly inspect, clean, and track your filters, not only to preserve the functionality of each filter but to save on fuel and protect your engines.