The Filtertherm® Dust Collector Kit consists of a compact blow-out table that connects to a portable cyclone dust collector.



Item # FTM 8004

This blow-out table and dust collector kit is for shops with space demands and also makes a great addition to larger DPF cleaning operations.

  • Easily portable to move from location to location (on casters).
  • Ergonomic height for better workplace safety and ease of use.
  • An industrial fan motor that provides ample CFM.
  • High-Efficiency Cyclone (over 99% separation).
  • 22-gallon drop-down dust bin with liner bag holder and fill level viewing window.
  • Hospital-grade HEPA filtration
  • Vacuum hose port for easy cleaning.

This compact unit is available as part of the Thermal DPF cleaning package.

Shop footprint: 65” H x 73” W x 27.25” D.
Electrical: 115v single phase power required. Note: Each unit uses its own electrical outlet.