The Filtertherm® Drying Cabinet quickly dries out Aqueous-Cleaned DPFs & DOCs often in 20 minutes or less.



FTM 2000 (SINGLE Element) – FTM 2001 (DUAL Element)

The Filtertherm® Drying Cabinet is a turnkey solution for drying filters super fast with heated, high-velocity air.

  • The Quickest: Completely dries most Aqueous-cleaned filters in 20 minutes or less.
  • Most Versatile: Accommodates DPFs up to 24″ in height and up to 18″ in diameter.
  • Profitable: The ultimate competitive advantage in the diesel repair & cleaning market.
  • Compact: Requires minimal shop space & the machine is easy to operate.
  • American-Made: Designed and manufactured in Redding, CA, USA.

Available only as part of the fast and efficient Aqueous DPF Cleaning System.

Equipment Dimensions: 36” W x 44” D x 80” H
Shop Footprint: 64” W x 72” D x 80” H (clearance for the doors), leave 18” from the wall. Recommend venting hot air outside.
Electrical: FTM2000 (Single Element): Requires (2) 40 Amp circuits of 208VAC, 3 Phase.
FTM2001 (Dual Element): Requires (1) 40 Amp & (1) 60 Amp circuit of 208VAC, 3 Phase.

Adapters: The Drying Cabinet comes standard with 2 riser sets: a 12” diam and 18” diam.

There is also a Light Duty Dry-Out Kit available for drying filters with smaller, off-axis openings such as DOCs (upgrade sold separately).