The Filtertherm® Thermal DPF Cleaning System uses the more traditional process for cleaning filters – often called the Bake & Blow method.



The Filtertherm® Thermal Cleaning System has some key benefits:

  • Purpose-built for cleaning multiple filters at a time.
  • Designed & refined from years of real-world experience cleaning filters.
  • Ergonomic, automated, with built-in safety controls.
  • Proudly Designed and Built in the USA.

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Thermal DPF Cleaning System by Filtertherm

The Filtertherm® Thermal DPF Cleaning System consists of these components:

  • The High-Capacity DPF Thermal OVEN can bake multiple filters at once. Custom-designed for cleaning DPFs.
  • The automated Pulse Cleaner quickly de-ashes filters.
  • DPF Cooling Cart is designed to decrease the cooling time of baked filters by 2-4 hours depending on conditions.
  • The DPF Inspection Table for the vital steps of pin testing, checking for cracks, flow testing, and weighing a filter before and after cleaning.
  • Also available is the Dust Collector Kit which includes a mini portable cyclone dust collector & a mini DPF table. Features HEPA filtration & a compact footprint.

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